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SharePoint Conference 2006 Wrap-up

May 25, 2006

Here’s my final thoughts from last week’s inaugural SharePoint Conference.

Aside from the marketing fluff, I found the event to be extremely informative. It was fun to hear about SharePoint’s new directions.

You can read more about it here.

In any case, my three take-aways are:

  1. Gunning for Google
  2. SharePoint Designer versus Expression
  3. David Letterman Style Feature List

Item 1 – Gunning for Google:

It is clear that Microsoft’s Enterprise Search engineers are gunning for Google.

The word of the day was “Search Relevance”. David Mowatt’s search drill down session covered some of the details without revealing any “secret sauce” algorithms. The slide deck of his session is here.

It seems inevitable that Microsoft’s SharePoint Search solution will steal significant market share from Google within one year of MOSS “go live”.

For enterprise search, the Google Search Appliance will be tough to beat. This Map Reduce white paper is highly regarded even within Microsoft.

Item 2 – SharePoint Designer versus Expression:

An interesting story is developing around the new SharePoint Designer (formerly FrontPage) versus the Expression tool set.

Expression is all about XAML whereas SharePoint Designer is basically old school asp.

The future for SharePoint Developers is XAML web parts via Expression or Visual Studio 2005. I am curious to see how it will evolve.

Item 3 – David Letterman Style Feature List:

During Bill G’s keynote, he gave a Lettermen-style Top 5 SharePoint Feature List.

Top 5 things Bill G loves about SharePoint 2007

  1. SharePoint for Composite Apps
  2. Search and Business Data Catalog
  3. Client Integration
  4. Excel Services
  5. Community (Wikis, Blogs, RSS)

This is my Top 8 SharePoint Feature list.

  1. Security Trimming – users have restricted view of links/search results.
  2. Document Workflow
  3. Wikis, Blogs, RSS
  4. Business Data Catalog – facilitates “no code” integration with other apps.
  5. Knowledge Network – 3 degrees of separation skill set social network.
  6. Excel Services
  7. Search Relevance
  8. Groove Services – peer to peer file sharing for disconnected mobile users