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Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC Unboxing

May 9, 2009

My 64 bit Dell Latitude XT2 arrived this week.

It came pre-installed with Vista 64 Business Edition. I have since reinstalled the OS to use the latest 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate RC with new 64 bit N-Trig drivers and so far so good. I need more time with it but the pen stylus and multitouch are surprisingly very responsive.

It looks like the processor horsepower is very good. It should be good enough for my software development needs. I’m going to install Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite and Android/Eclipse later this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, here’s the unboxing photos.

1. Main Box


2. Inside Main Box


3. Inside Accessory Box


4. Secondary Box containing the XT2 Tablet PC


5. Contents of Secondary Box with the XT2 Tablet PC pulled out


6. XT2 Tablet PC Box Opened


7. First view of XT2 Tablet PC


8. XT2 Tablet PC Unwrapped


9. XT2 Tablet PC next to older HP zd7000


Invoice for 64 bit Dell Latitude XT2 ordered on Friday – April 10th, 2009

April 22, 2009

I placed an order for the 64 bit Dell Latitude XT2 on Friday, April 10th.

It looks like there’s a 5 week turnaround as the estimated delivery date is May 18th.

I’ll have the un-boxing as soon as it arrives.

Here’s the invoice. It includes the 24 inch UltraSharp monitor.

# Item Description Price
1 224-3594 Latitude XT2 Non-TAA Base $4,099.00
2 311-9873 Latitude XT2, Intel Core 2 DuoSU9400, 1.40GHz, 800MHz, 3M L2 Cache, LED LCD $0.00
3 311-9884 5.0GB DDR3, SDRAM, 2 Dimms (1GB Integrated) Latitude XT2 $0.00
4 330-2802 Internal English Keyboard for Latitude XT2 Notebooks $0.00
5 320-6270 Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP,Wide Flat Panel w/Height AdjustableStand,24.0 Inch VIS,OptiPlex Precision and Latitude $0.00
6 320-7678 Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD Latitude XT2 $0.00
7 341-8949 128GB Dell Mobility Solid State Drive for Latitude XT2 $0.00
8 468-2071 Vista Business 64-BIT Service Pack 1, with media, English Latitude $0.00
9 430-3364 Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module, Latitude XT2 $0.00
10 330-2840 90W , 3-Pin,AC Adapter for Latitude XT2 $0.00
11 330-0879 US – 3-FT, 3-Pin Flat E-FamilyPower Cord for Latitude E-Family $0.00
12 330-2831 MediaBase with 8X DVD+/-RW for Latitude XT2 $0.00
13 420-9184 Cyberlink Power DVD 8.1,with Media,Dell Latitude/Mobile Precision $0.00
14 420-8010 Roxio Creator Dell Edition,9.0Dell Latitude/Mobile Precision $0.00
15 430-3086 Dell WLAN 1510 (802.11a/b/g/n 2X3) 1/2 MiniCard for LatitudeE/Mobile Precision $0.00
16 330-0884 No Intel vPro Technologys advanced management features for Latitude, Mobile Precision $0.00
17 330-2843 Resource DVD with Diagnostics and Drivers for Vista LatitudeXT2 Notebook $0.00
18 312-0852 6-Cell/42 WHr Primary Battery for Dell Latitude XT2 $0.00
19 467-6457 Energy Star 4.0 Enabled, EPEATGOLD, Latitude XT2 $0.00
20 993-4248 Dell Hardware Limited Warranty Plus Onsite Service Extended Year(s) $0.00
21 993-4247 Dell Hardware Limited Warranty Plus Onsite Service Initial Year $0.00
22 989-3449 Thank you choosing Dell ProSupport. For tech support, visit or call 1-866-516-3115 $0.00
23 992-2102 ProSupport for End Users: Next Business Day Parts and Labor Onsite Response 2 Year Extended $0.00
24 992-5740 ProSupport for End Users: Next Business Day Parts and Labor Onsite Response Initial Year $0.00
25 983-7572 ProSupport for End Users: 7×24 Technical Support and assistance for end-users, 2 Year Extended $0.00
26 984-3980 ProSupport for End Users: 7×24 Technical Support and assistance for end-users, Initial $0.00
27 900-9987 Standard On-Site Installation Declined $0.00
28 310-8319 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor $0.00
29 310-8758 You have chosen a Windows Vista Premium System $0.00
30 310-8977 Info SKU-Software and Peripherals products and solutions catalog included in system boxes $0.00
    Sub-total: $4,099.00
    Shipping: $0.00
    Tax: $343.29
    Order Total: $4,442.29

World’s First 64 Bit Tablet PC

November 20, 2008

HP is rolling out a new Multi-Touch Tablet PC on November 28th.

There’s an interesting preview of it here.

This looks like a great alternative to the Dell Latitude XT and soon to be released XT2.

The most interesting part is that you can customize it to use the 64 bit AMD Turion Ultra ZM-86 processor.

This means its the very first 64 Bit Tablet PC on the market.

Correction: The HP tx2524ca Tablet is the first 64 bit Tablet. It went on sale in September 2008. Please see comments.


Dell’s new Touchscreen Tablet PC and Multitouch?

August 1, 2007

I’m anxiously waiting for the soon to be released Dell Touchscreen Tablet PC.

Dell’s teaser announcement of the Latitude XT Tablet PC is here.

The two key features are Intel’s ultra-low power dual core Santa Rosa [Centrino Pro] CPU and the Touchscreen.

IMO, Touchscreen on Tablet PC’s are long overdue. Going forward, all new Tablet PC’s will have touchscreens. You can buy a Lenovo Thinkpad X60 and HP Pavillion tx1000z Tablet PC with the touchscreen option today.

The bad news / good news about today’s Touchscreen Tablet PC’s is that they do not provide the cool iphone-like hand gesture multitouch capability. The good news is that for today’s office applications, the pen stylus with an occasional single finger touch works better than the hand gesture multitouch.

Regardless of which interface works better, a hand gesture multitouch capability on the larger screen Tablet PC would be super cool.

My question is "how can I modify the touchscreen device driver to provide hand gesture multitouch?"

As always, there is hidden complexity. Some rough requirements are:
– finger point tracking: ability to track the 10 finger points: N points where 1 < N < 10.
– finger vectoring: determine speed and direction when two fingers are joined together and then moved apart.
– finger locator: cross the fingers and determine where they crossed which one went which direction.

Some further research lead me to this very cool multitouch C++ library.

Thanks to Google Code, you can browse the source code here:

I hope to find some time to experiment with this further.

In any case, if done properly, a hand gesture multitouch tablet PC can bring Surface Computing to the masses.

Some possible apps may be:
– More Natural Newspaper Style Readers similar to the New York Times (XAML) Reader
– Cover flow-like media browsing
– Multi-user Multitouch Drawing tools and games
– 3D Virtual Map Browsing
– Video/Audio Editing
– Data Visualization Apps (e.g., Excel, Tableau, etc.)
– Student Notebook Apps
– E-Learning Apps with Realtime Exams

It’ll be fun to see how this evolves.

In the mean time… When’s that dang Dell Tablet Shipping?…

Behemoth Mobile PC

January 6, 2006

I’m a sucker for the behemoth mobile category.

The bigger the better. I figure it’s good exercise when traveling.

Dell showed a mobile concept that had a 20 inch screen yesterday.

The system is called the Dell XPS Mobile Concept PC.

It’s probably a 10 pounder.

I hope they build it. Gotta have one!