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Energy Kitchen Web Site

November 19, 2008

I’ve taken a few months off from blogging but will slowly get back to it.

In the mean time, I just wanted to chime in on my recent lunch routine.

I’ve been ordering my lunch at a local food place called Energy Kitchen.  They have good healthy food but my favorite part is the online order feature.

Their online order process uses an interesting workflow that’s built with PHP.

My favorite part is the online order history. Its a convenient way to track my lunch diet.

The Energy Kitchen “online order with pickup” is currently my quickest lunch in town.


Regular Blogging will Resume Shortly

October 16, 2007

My regular blogging will resume soon.

I’m looking forward to getting back to it. The software and entire tech industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of invention and change. I’ll attempt to recognize the significance before its in the rear view mirror.

Some topics/technologies likely to be covered are:
– Cloud Computing
– Rich Async Clients
– Natural Interface
– Multi-touch
– Intentional Programming
– LINQ/.Net 3.5
– Silverlight
– Social Networks
– iPhone/iPod Touch
– Mac Book Pro/Apple TV
– OS X Leopard
– Zune 2
– Virtualization – VMWare, XEN, Hypervisor, Microsoft Viridian
– Haptics/Feedback Touchscreens
– Real-time Enterprises
– XBox360/Halo 3
– Win Media Center/Extender/IPTV
– 64 bit Vista

On a somewhat related note, one of the fun aspects of living in NYC, is that there’s always something exciting going on. Whenever possible and as goofy as it looks, I usually try to capture it with my cell phone camera.

Here’s some recent photos from my cell phone camera.

Cameron Diaz - What Happens in Vegas Film Shoot - 17th Street and 7th Avenue

 Vint G. Cerf - Google NYC Office

 Cameron Diaz - What Happens in Vegas Film Shoot

 Pete Hamill - Brooklyn Book Fair

Pete Hamill - Brooklyn Book Fair

 FX Networks Damages Film Shoot - Glenn Close and Crew 

Neil Cavuto - Fox Business News Journalist/TV Personality Mario Van Peebles and Todd Kessler (co-creator of Damages)

Stephen King’s T-shirt: "I make stuff up"

September 24, 2005
This my first non-tech entry but I had to mention my Stephen King experience today.
The level of energy in NYC today was extraordinary. In an effort to take it in, I took some time to walk by the Barnes and Noble on 17th Street in Union Square.
The annual New Yorker Festival event was underway and I happened to notice that Stephen King was signing books on the 4th floor of the book store.
I went to the 4th floor and there he was. I got a kick from his “I make stuff up” T-Shirt.
Please see the photos.