PDC09 Predictions/Expectations

In a few hours the 2009 PDC will officially kick off. For software developers, every PDC keynote has its share of surprise announcements. There was a rumor this morning about some Windows Mobile 7 related announcements coming this week but I doubt it.

I think Microsoft is not ready to discuss Windows Phone 7 (WP7) publicly yet. My guess is they’re shooting to make WM7 announcements on January 6th, 2010 at the CES 2010 keynote event.

NeoWin sometimes gets the inside scoop and they say Microsoft will discuss plans for IE9 and Silverlight 4 in the morning.

Regardless of surprise, the big news is the Dawn of Microsoft’s Cloud Era. It also sets a tone for Google and Amazon. Microsoft will disclose all details on their cloud strategy in the morning. Financial analysts will be listening in carefully so they can tweak their MSFT revenue forecast models.

I predict/expect Ray Ozzie to rock the house in the morning.

It’ll be a busy 3 days. I’m expecting deep dives in the following areas.

  1. IE9
  2. Silverlight 4
  3. Office Web 2010 – Is it better than Google Docs?
  4. Microsoft Web Platform – http://www.microsoft.com/web/
  5. Multi-Touch Everywhere – desktops, tablets, surface computers, phones, cars, TVs, game consoles
  6. Facebook/Twitter Everywhere – desktops, tablets, surface computers, phones, cars, TVs, game consoles
  7. Visual Studio 2010 – Intellitrace, Coded UI Tests/Silverlight Test Automation
  8. Language Futures – Parallelism, Dynamic and Procedural, Dependency Injection/IOC
  9. Security Services – Windows Identity Foundation (formerly Geneva)
  10. Cloud Computing Architectures – Hybrid, Service Bus, Big Table
  11. ASP.Net MVC 2 and 2.5
  12. IIS7 and beyond – http://www.iis.net/

For more info, follow this live blog in the morning.


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