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Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC Unboxing

May 9, 2009

My 64 bit Dell Latitude XT2 arrived this week.

It came pre-installed with Vista 64 Business Edition. I have since reinstalled the OS to use the latest 64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate RC with new 64 bit N-Trig drivers and so far so good. I need more time with it but the pen stylus and multitouch are surprisingly very responsive.

It looks like the processor horsepower is very good. It should be good enough for my software development needs. I’m going to install Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite and Android/Eclipse later this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time, here’s the unboxing photos.

1. Main Box


2. Inside Main Box


3. Inside Accessory Box


4. Secondary Box containing the XT2 Tablet PC


5. Contents of Secondary Box with the XT2 Tablet PC pulled out


6. XT2 Tablet PC Box Opened


7. First view of XT2 Tablet PC


8. XT2 Tablet PC Unwrapped


9. XT2 Tablet PC next to older HP zd7000