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Will there be a Zune 1st?

May 31, 2007

There are a few rumors of a new "Zune Coming Zoon in June".

It may happen tomorrow but I have my doubts.

Some passionate Zunesters say that it will be launched on Friday, June 1st or should I say Zune 1st.

The buzz is about the following:
– Flash Zune
– Purchase and download tracks over Wi-Fi
– Zune 2.0

We all know that a Flash Zune product is in the works. The only unknown is the launch date.

The more interesting news is Zune 2.0 and getting the ability to purchase and download tracks over Wi-Fi. It’ll be interesting to see usage metrics on the new Wi-Fi feature a few months after launch. as it’s a key differentiator.

The rumored Zune 2.0 features are:
– 80 GB
– 16:9 wide 640 by 480 pixel with 256k color screen
– Purchase and download tracks over WiFi
– no more 3 by 3 WiFi track sharing restriction

The key Zune 1.0 features:
– 30 GB
– 4:3 wide 320 by 240 pixel with 65k color screen
– 3 by 3 WiFi track sharing

You can see more Zune 1st info here.

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