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Sleeping with the Deepfish

March 31, 2007

"Sleeping with the Deepfish" is my metaphoric reference to the Luca Brasi Godfather character.

Luca Brasi was a fiercely loyal personal hitman for Godfather, Don Vito Corleone. He was eventually killed by a competing crime family. The message of his murder was delivered to the Corleone family as a fish wrapped in Brasi’s own bulletproof vest. 

My sleep with the fishes topic is meant to be a segue to a story about Microsoft’s Live Labs group.

This group recently released a pre-beta version of a mobile web browser called Deepfish this past week. I’ve been using it for the past few days and it’s a better way to surf the web on a tiny screen.

Microsoft Live Labs is an internal think tank/incubation team for next gen web technologies. I consider it the "Luca Brasi of Microsoft".

I always felt that low cost wireless networking will be the catalyst for the next tech surge. We’re starting to see it now with Apple’s coming iPhone, Deepfish, mobile GPS, Zen Zui, etc.

Most tech companies realize that the digital future is in the ‘cloud’.

Microsoft’s Live Labs group has been working hard on the ‘cloud’. It has been getting much criticism lately for being too little too late.

The Mix07 Conference will be held from April 30 to May 2nd in Las Vegas. It’s Microsoft’s chance to save face. The tech press has high expectations for them to deliver some compelling cloud products.

IMO, the expectation is too high. Ray Ozzie is expected to have a blockbuster keynote but I have my doubts. I’ve seen his keynotes before and they’re snoozers.

Many in the industry think that the Live Labs group will eventually be killed off to "sleep with the fishes" by Microsoft management if they don’t deliver soon.

Let’s see what happens on April 30th.