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Java 5 Concurrency in Practice – Brian Goetz

September 28, 2006

I attended a Java SIG Meeting that was held at Google’s NYC office recently.

BTW, all Java SIG presentation slide decks are archived here.

The meeting was a presentation on Java 5 Concurrency given by Brian Goetz. (See photos)

As you may know, multi-core CPUs have escalated the need to develop multi-threaded apps.

Brian introduced some refreshingly new concepts such as CountDownLatch, Exchanger, Executors and Future Interface. I’ll have to blog more about it later.

In any case, both Java and Microsoft have interesting concurrency framework stories to tell.

Microsoft and Sun are developing Concurrency Libraries that will ultimately minimize the complexity of multithreaded programming.

Microsoft’s library is called Joins and it will eventually get baked into .Net. More info here.

The Java Concurrency Library is the JUC package (java.util.concurrent). More info here.

IMO, in depth knowledge of the new concurrency libraries will be required by most software professionals over the next few years.

An embarrassing concurrency bug reared its head during a Microsoft Demo recently. You can read all about it here.


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