Date/Time Phenom – 01:02:03 04/05/06

On Wednesday, April 5th, at 3 seconds after 1:02 am and pm the time and date will be…
     01:02:03 04/05/06

This event occurs every 1,000 years. Which reminds me of the famous Clock of the Long Now.
The "long now clock" is a 10,000 year clock that ticks once a year.
The cuckoo comes out every millennium.

At a previous startup company, I was fortunate enough to meet a guy named Bran Ferren.

Bran Ferren is a former Walt Disney Imagineer.
His company Applied Minds is a creative think tank shop.

In 2002, Bran Ferren built a vehicle called a Maximog that was shown at MOMA for a few weeks. 

He is friends with the famous Danny Hillis, creator of the Clock of the Long Now.
Bran Ferren and Danny Hillis are renaissance men.

MSNBC’s Michael Eisner interviewed Bran Ferren yesterday.

Be sure to listen to his comments about implantable devices:
=> "We are 25 years away from being wired all the time.".


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