Mysterious Delay of Vista

Yesterday (3/21) Microsoft announced an approximate 6 week delay of the commercial launch of Vista.

Due to industry logistics, Microsoft is going to delay the launch until January 2007. The goal is to prepare the whole industry for the January launch.

Notes from conference call:

  • business users (volume license users) will get it in November 2006 – 15% of the users
  • everyone else in January 2007 – 85% of the users
  • Vista Beta 2 update coming in April.
  • Beta 2 will be sent to 2 million people.
  • Will complete Vista this year
  • Broad consumer availability in January 2007
  • Root cause of delay is to ensure product quality


I consider the announcement to be mysterious due to the spontaneity of the event.

I am sure that the announcement was anything but spontaneous. From my perch, the whole thing was carefully orchestrated. It started with Steve Ballmer’s New York City press junket last week combined with the Bill Gates diversionary keynote yesterday at the Mix 06 conference.

In any case, it’s all good.

IMO, the best case scenario for Microsoft is to launch Vista and Office 2007 concurrently. The unified Office 2007/Vista marketing campaign would be compelling.


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