Origami Device to Ship on March 23rd?

Microsoft is scheduled to make a big announcement on Thursday, March 2nd.

Rumors are flying that it will be a new ultra-portable computing device. Some more thoughts about it here.

I hope that it will be an actual shipping product and not just the usual Microsoft prototype platform.

My take from the web site is that it will. The web site’s implied 3 week timeline suggests a shipping product on Thursday, March 23rd.

Ultra portable computing is an extremely exciting space.  We all know where the industry is heading and its not just the predictable Dick Tracy watch.

I’d like to rehash an old blog entry (again).

My prediction for the next 10 years, by 2016, I expect to see one multi-purpose portable device offering the following services.

# Service
1. Voice / Video Phone
2. Entertainment – Music, Movies, Games
3. Social Network Provider – Six Degree Separation Features
4. Wallet
5. Commuter Pass
6. Videoconference Device
7. Encyclopedia
8. Health Monitor
9. Passport/Security Card
10. Personal Blackbox – recording vitals in case of accident
11. Traffic Advisor
12. Language Translator
13. Project Planner
14. Financial Planner
15. Transportation Planner
16. Vacation/Travel Planner
17. Personal Life Recorder – records / archive all daily activities
18. Meeting Presentation Device
19. Air Quality Metering Device
20. Person Locator


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