My Local Live Scratch Pad

Just to recap an older blog entry, I’m working on a clean way to reserve an area on my blog for local live “points of interest”.

In the mean time, here’s my local live world:

  • I live here.
  • I used to work here.
  • This was my commute.
  • My car is here. It’s the blue jeep wrangler on the roof top.

I went to school here:


# Other Points of Interest
1. I used to live here.
2. City Hall is here.
3. Brooklyn Bridge: Manhattan side here, Brooklyn side here.
4. Old Yankee Stadium here
5. Old Shea Stadium here
6. Washington Square Park (Greenwich Village) here
7. Union Square Park is here
8. Madison Square Park is here
9. Times Square
10. A famous celebrity’s roof top is here.
11. Cooper Union in the East Village is here. Abe Lincoln gave his famous ‘house divided’ speech there.
12. McSorley’s Ale House is here. Peter Cooper (founder Cooper Union), toasted Lincoln at McSorley’s.
13. Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studio is here.
14. Central Park West (CPW) – Tavern on the Green
15. Upper West Side – Grant’s Tomb
16. Fort Tryon Park – The Cloisters
17. The Little Red Lighthouse story is about this.


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