Expression – Separation of Church and State

Having the ability to separate UI designers from developers has always been the holy grail of software development.

The technology has finally evolved to a point where it is not only possible but necessary for high quality user experiences.

A pre-beta version of a product called Expression Interactive Designer, formerly know as Sparkle, was made available today. Sparkle is a member of the Expression family of products.

I have no doubt that Expression will rock the industry.

The Expression Tools provide an exciting way for left brained and right brained people to collaborate and flourish.

The key underlying technology here is XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language).

Some FYI on Microsoft’s XAML:

  1. Microsoft’s XAML solution (formerly Avalon) is now called WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere)
  2. WPF/E has origins in a project called Glade.
  3. North Face Demo here uses XAML to provide a 3D shopping experience.
  4. Microsoft Max –

Microsoft’s Max offers a glimpse of what will be easier to build next year using XAML with Peer to Peer file sharing.

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