More on LINQ – Bane and Boon

As mentioned in previous entry, LINQ will be an enterprise developer’s dream.

I call it a boon because it will provide an easier programming model making developers more productive.

I also call it a bane because developers will use it to build richer more complex applications requiring more development time.

Before I get too philosophical, let’s do some deep diving into LINQ.

LINQ will be distributed as part of the WinFX API.
A beta 1 is currently available to developers here.

The Key Benefits of LINQ are:
· Unified querying of objects, relational, XML
· Type checking and IntelliSense for queries
· Provides SQL and XQuery capability in C# and VB

To pull this off, the following features have been added to the .NET Framework.

# Feature Example
1. Lambda expressions c => c.Name
2. Extension methods static void Dump(this object o);
3. Local variable type inference var x = 5;
4. Object initializers new Point { x = 1, y = 2 }
5. Anonymous types new { c.Name, c.Phone }
6. Query expressions from … where … select
7. Expression trees Expression<T>

I will be drilling down further over the next few days.


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