WinFX Roadmap

WinFX is the superset of next generation .Net API’s.

The target platforms are:
  – Windows Vista
  – Windows Vista Server (Is still called Longhorn Server
     and is scheduled to ship by end of 2007)
  – Windows XP
  – Windows Server 2003

A beta 1 version of the WinFX runtime is currently available for download here.

The WinFX API’s provide 4 core services:

1. Presentation – WPF/E for Windows Presentation
                            Framework/Everywhere (formerly Avalon)
   – Key feature is XAML which is a markup language for the UI
   – Declarative UI programming with XML was pioneered
      in the open source project called Glade.  
   – XAML separates Code and Content which streamlines
      the collaboration between developer and designer.
  – Everywhere means smartphones, OS X, Linux, etc…
      Reduces effort to put Office 12 on OS X and Linux.

2. Data
  – Data Access Layer, it supports everything (e.g., Oracle,
     SQL Server, XML, MySQL, PostGres, etc…)
  -  LINQ   
  – WinFS, it is not shown on the poster but it will be
      the new file system/common data store.

3. Communication
  – WCF for Windows Communication Framework (formerly Indigo) 
  – WWF is Windows Workflow Framework 
  – InfoCards is the Federated Security service

4. Foundation – Base Class Libraries and Windows Vista specific

For more detail, you can download the WinFX poster here.

The first production quality version of WinFX will be released in the 2nd half of 2006.

It is scheduled to be shipped on the same day as Windows Vista.

My guess is that it will be shipping by Wednesday, November 29, 2006.

The first release of WinFX will not include WinFS. A new version of WinFX that includes WinFS is scheduled for 2007. The goal is to have it ready when the Longhorn Server product ships in 2007.

To conclude, the likely roadmap is:
  4Q 2006 – WinFX version 1.0
  4Q 2007 – WinFX version 2.0 – WinFS + WinFX enhancements/fixes



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