Still Grokking…

Still grokking from the PDC beer funnel…
Started the day with Rob Muglia’s Windows Server keynote.
He presented the server roadmap.
Deliveries in 2006
1. WS2003 RC2
2. Cluster Server
3. Monad Oject Based command line (cmdlet)
4. WinFX
Slated for 2007:
1. Virtualization
2. TXF – transaction file system. (e.g., XCopy with roll backs).
Microsoft’s server solution is starting to catch up.
IIS 7.0 demo showed XML config features that already exist in Apache.
Much of what was discussed already exists in the Solaris and open source community.
Virtualization – Solaris 10 is leading here
WinFX’s Workflow with Rules Engine – as discussed in previous post, this is a Struts-like state machine with a JRules-like rules engine.
IIS 7.0 config – mimicking Apache
Even though, at first glance, it appears as if they are catching up, it looks like the open source/unix features that are getting rolled in will be better.
Here are some photos from today.
Famous Dr. Jim Gray
Sadly lost at sea 16 months later on January 28, 2007


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